The story is told of a Good Friday event which featured several well-known preachers, each one given the opportunity to speak. One preacher gave a powerful message, sat down, and, somewhat in jest, turned to the preacher who was to follow him and said, “Beat that!”

The older, seasoned preacher then stood and began by saying, “It’s Friday….but Sunday’s a-comin’.” His message began in a low and slow tone, but sentence by sentence began to build in volume and intensity. Every point of the sermon was punctuated by the refrain, “It’s Friday….but Sunday’s a-comin’.”

Within minutes, the congregation was stirred and roused to their feet. Shouts of “Amen!” and “Praise the Lord!” rang out across the group. The sermon ended to thunderous applause, not for the preacher, but for the powerful truth that nothing could stop the crucified Christ from his victory over the grave and accomplishing our salvation.

This halt to our meetings due to the virus outbreak is sad and disheartening for us all…….but Sunday’s a-comin’. Easter is on its way, and we are working on a means whereby we can join in celebrating the Resurrection together.

But this Sunday, March 22, we will attempt something new: we will live-stream our service and invite you to join us. Watch your email for more information on how to watch and participate.

Please be patient; we haven’t done this before, so we may experience “technical difficulties.”

Looking forward to being “together” by this technology.

Here are a couple of glimpses of the beauty growing just outside our doors (thank you, Jane Hammond!).

God bless you. With love in Christ and prayers for each of you,