What to Expect

So you’re new here! We are so glad that you have joined us for Worship! Below are a few things you can expect and a few things that won’t be a part of your experience at Christ Anglican Church.

What To Expect


Come as you are. Our clergy wear robes for most services, but in the congregation you will see everything from sport coats and dresses to jeans and t-shirts

Service Style

Our services are liturgical in form, using prayers, readings, and responses that have ancient roots. Participation is invited and the words are provided. The messages come from the Scriptures and will often be part of a theme or seasonal emphasis. The music is a mix of traditional, contemporary, and occasional reflective videos to draw hearts God-ward. The Lord’s Table (also called Communion or Eucharist) is observed most Sundays. In brief, services offer both Word and Sacrament, but many guests seem to notice most the warmth of the Lord’s presence and peace. 

There is a children’s homily and then children’s classes for children through age 5. Children will enjoy hearing about and seeing pictures of Rascal and Izzy, two little stuffed characters who are coming to know Christ.
Sunday School and Nursery
Sunday school for children and Adult Bible Study for adults are held at 9:30am.
Nursery is available throughout the service for children 5 and under.
The Lord's Table

Also called Holy Communion or The Eucharist (that means “Thanksgiving”), all baptized and believers in Christ are welcome at his table. Got questions? Write us here.

What You Will Find

Imperfect People

We are a group of sinners that join to worship Jesus because of his amazing grace and forgiveness. His blood, shed on the cross, paid our sin debt, and his resurrection from the dead demonstrated that he was indeed the Son of God and that his words were true.

Messages That Point to Christ

Every sermon seeks to draw our hearts further into Christ and his redeeming work in creation. While each one conveys helpful information, our prayer is that God, by his Spirit, will do a transformational work in us all. Here are sermons you can sample.

The King and His Kingdom

God created everything very good but sin has brought brokenness and destruction to humanity. We worship a God who stepped into our darkness and has brought real healing of lives. It is our prayer that the services will always minister God’s grace, healing, and hope.

Christian Community

Through Christ, we not only enter into fellowship with Him and but also with His redeemed ones. The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone; we need others with whom we can share joys and sorrows. It is His perfect design to bring imperfect people into community with one another.